This is a quick update on my previous How to legitimately remove DJI No Fly Zones post.

Previously I unlocked an area around a local airport through DJI Flysafe for a period of 1 year. After going through the process of entering a location, radius, and time period. I had the idea that maybe I could place a latitude, longitude point in the center of the country and get DJI to unlock a radius big enough that all no fly zones nationally would be removed for a period of 1 year. I went ahead and emailed back and requested that they unlock 2500km radius from a point google told me was the center of the country. I attached my 107 temporary airman certificate (it does not have a certificate number on it, it just says pending). DJI did not request this so you may be able to get an unlock without it.

And it worked! I received an email back confirming my unlock details and was able to immediately download the license to my GO App and unlock.

We are now unlocked from all DJI no fly zones nationally! As a bonus DJI has now added unlimit functionality to the normal GO app. So you no longer need to download a special app through DJI. Once they approved my unlock I simply went into my go app. Selected my unlimit menu and tapped my “license” then slid the slider to unlock and the no fly zone near me disappeared. One thing I noticed is that you must do this for each flight. Every time you disarm the no fly zone pops back up and you must open the unlimit menu to unlock again. We’re very excited that DJI is seeing that there are legal operators who have legitimate reason to remove no fly zones. And they are making their process easier and longer lasting.