Many properties can vastly benefit from an aerial view. Asides the production value that aerial shots add to your listing an aerial view also helps convey some properties that just cannot be properly viewed from the ground. Real estate with scenic views or sprawling acreages will be much better presented with video and photos from our aerial cameras. Blue Yonder offers new perspectives over traditional aerial photography. Utilizing the latest drone technology, we are able to safely fly closer and capture more detailed and dynamic shots than has been possible with manned aircraft. Our aircraft use professional cameras with interchangeable lenses, so you expect the same quality you’re used to from ground based SLR cameras. Additionally we offer multiple types of drones and cameras so we can fit the correct aircraft to your needs and budget.


Blue Yonder does more than just hand off raw photos or video. We are fully capable of producing complete pieces to make your listing stand out. We have all of the latest equipment, from drones in the air carrying the latest cameras, to 3 axis gimbal systems on the ground for smooth, clear video and photos. We also offer complete finishing services including editing, voice over, and motion graphics to make your property stand out.